Vote March 3rd, 2020 Carey Lashley for State Representative - District 131

Carey Lashley's Platform


Secure Jobs & Employee Rights

Partnership with local businesses for Local Jobs Guaranteed, Small Business Growth and Grants, Labor Union Education, Increase Employee Benefits, Paid Sick & Family Leave.

Adult Vocational Training

Strengthening our community by having free vocational training accessible for all adults in the community college setting.

Youth Jobs, Not Jails

Secure pledges to hire 50,000 Texan youth (16-24), Bring focus to youth who can not or chose not to attend college.  Partner with local companies to create mentorship apprentice program. 

Don't Assess, Educate

Community base services for at-risk youth and families, Ending student state-wide assessments, Getting rid of Teach-the-Test, Empowering our Educators.

Financial Literacy

Keeping local taxes in our community, minority homeownership programs, supporting local real estate agents, strengthening our middle class.

Open Door Policy

Quarterly district meetings, attend local meetings, regular local office hours, weekly updates via email & social media, annual community event.


Increase Minority Businesses & Farmers

Recycle the minority dollar and Increase the number of minority owned businesses and farmers by building partnerships and coalitions with community residents and companies. 

Community Health & Wellness

Increase the number of supermarkets and farmer markets in our community, Reinvest in physical activity and mandatory unstructured recess for all elementary students.