Vote March 3rd, 2020 Carey Lashley for State Representative - District 131

Get to know Carey Lashley


Why do you want to run for State Representative?

I want to bring politics back to the community and have real regular people have a voice and choice.  Our community is fed up with how a group of people within our community believes they control the political circle. I am energized by the way government works with lawmakers to accomplish change. Seeing positive change with President Obama, Congressman Al Green and the Black Girl Magic Movement, our community and government can accomplish real positive change when the right people and resources are utilized. I am running for office to continue to build positive change within my community, district and state of Texas. I want to energize, empower and educate my community and bring real positive change to Texas government that will empower our community. 

Tell us about yourself, who is Carey Lashley?

I am not a politician, I am a regular everyday person who just want to change the way politics work in our community. I am an Advocate for at-risk youth and families. Working as an educator and social worker for many years helped me build confidence, self-awareness and taught me the importance of observing and understanding other’s needs.  I am a constant advocate and change agent for self-improvement. 

What experience do you have that is relevant to the office you are seeking?

I have initiated and supported change in my community working with the NAACP and several Non-profit agencies.  I collaborated and lead families and youth, communities and organizations to continuous learning, self-awareness and change.  Energizing, empowering and educating others is part of my id and I will continue to fight for change for my community, district and for the great state of Texas. 

Time for new energy in Texas Politics

Carey Lashley is new energy. Texas Energy.

Carey is a dedicated and passionate father, homeowner and resident of Houston, Tx. He has been a proud community advocate for youth and families regarding social, economical and educational injustice issues since working and volunteering with the Hayward-South Alameda County NAACP at the early age of sixteen.  Carey Lashley is a proud product of public schools and has earned his Associates degree in Liberal Arts (Social & Behavioral Science) from Chabot College, Carey attended Texas Southern University and earned his Bachelors degree in Psychology with a minor in Urban Policy and Criminal Justice from Victory University. 

Carey has worked as an Community Liaison (NAACP), Educator (Jesse Jackson Academy), School Counselor (Lincoln Families), Director of School Counseling and Social Worker.  With this experience Carey will lead his community by inspiring residents to positive action through a clear vision. Carey knows what hardworking families are experiencing in their everyday life, dealing with the increasing costs of housing, property taxes, groceries, and everyday necessities, Carey wants to fight for local jobs guarantee, increase employee rights and bring focus to youth jobs-not jails by secure pledges to hire 50,000 Texan youth. Carey also wants to increase the number of minority owned businesses and farmers in his district as well as statewide.  Carey will bring new energy to our community and he will build community pride.  At a young age Carey was taught the value of perseverance, empowerment and partnerships and Carey wants to continue to bring those values to the residents of his community. He believes in social, economical, and educational justice and that the only way to find solutions is to energize, empower and educate all our residents within our community about the struggles of everyday and to hold all politicians accountable.  Carey Lashley will be the new energy that Texas State Representative District 131 needs and will continue to build on our community core values. It's time for new energy in Texas politics and Carey Lashley will hold Austin accountable and continue to fight and be accessible for all residents in his community. 

Carey lives in District 131 with his family and is proud to call it home, let's energize the vote together and continue to build on our core values.